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A - Z of Male Female Infertility Andrology
Basic course in Female infertility
on 20th April -2nd may 2015
Doctors who Attended
Certificate Course of
Introductory Course in IVF – ICSI & Embryology
Dr. Pallavi Dhawan from Lucknow (M) 9415434199
It was a great experience with all the expert working under one roof having the same temperament of giving all knowledge to the student ; teaching them all the subject that too in such a small time
It was an deep insight into the world of infertility and IVF. Continuous interaction, Hands on training, practical tips..will help me a long way in setting up my infertility practice
Dr. Shiv Kumar from Hapur (M) 9335358989
I believe Lifecare is a Temple of Learning. The interaction, openness and hospitability was touching. I have been for training to several centres, but it was the best here. One to one attention was remarkable.
Dr. Amitabh gaurav from Khurrannga (M) 9993224088
It was a great experience to me to study here. This is the world’s best institution for embryology, IVF –ICSI training. All the members are so good, their teaching is marvelous and we gained a nice training from this Lifecare IVF.