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Central Committee Meeting on 17-06-2014
Dr. Urmil Sharma‘s Residence
B4/110 Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi
Dr. Urmil Sharma Dr. Harshlata Piplani
Dr. Sharda Jain Dr. Pushpa Chandra
Dr. Deepa Singh Dr. Renuka Sinha
Dr. Sangeeta Gupta Dr. Anita Sabharwal
Dr. Sunita Fotedar Dr. Ila Gupta
Dr. Roopan Arora Dr. Jyoti Agarwal
Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar Dr. Vandana Gupta
Dr. Satinder Kaur Dr. Sanjeevani Khanna
Dr. Mamta Mittal Dr. Susheela Gupta
Dr. Parul Sehgal Dr. NP Kaur
Dr. Rachna Dr. Jeevana Jha
  1. Dr. Sharda Jain .Secretary General of DGF welcomed all the members of the Central Committee meeting.
  2. All the members present were formally introduced.
  3. Agenda Discussed:
1. Uniformity among all the four forums:
A. ELECTIONS: It was unanimously decided that the office bearers shall hold office for a maximum of 2 terms ( 4 years). They should Endeavour during their term to encourage and build second line of the team.

B. All forums were requested once again to open up their accounts and make Life members. The money for other activities should be raised separate from membership fees. this was endorsed by all members of the committee.

C. Directory – Dr. Sharda Jain / Dr, Jyoti Bhaskar appraised all that personal details are already uploaded on the website. Any correction if needed to be informed to us by SMS or whatsapp & each forum should cooperate,so that final outcome of directory is excellent.

D. All forum office bearers were asked to communicate their schedule of activities at the start of the month. They were requested to send photos and short write up about the meeting to the central body or the website incharge. It would be preferable if the PPT can be uploaded.
2. Dr. Sharda Jain informed all the members about the Ultrasound and Infertility IVF training courses being conducted by the DGF. Lifecare centre is the only centre at present providing these courses. They were asked to provide this information to their members and to visit the website of DGF
4. Members and Office bearers were asked to take forward in novel way the campaigns DGF_WOW
India in these areas.
It was unanimously decided that every Forum should pledge against
Female Foeticide before every meeting.
Dr. Anita Sabharwal/ Dr. Susheela Gupta were given responsibility of making the pledge.
5. A. On popular demand , it was decided that a half day Annual Academic Activity under the aegis
of AOGD will be held in central area of Delhi.
The details shall be worked out soon and communicated.

B. It was requested by all that once or twice a year an outstation visit for members
should be planned. Dr. Deepa Singh/ Dr. Ila Gupta and Dr. Anita Sabharwal shall be asked to
organize this on individual payment basis.
Dr. Sharda Jain apprised
  • Website :
  • Bulletin (3) are released every month. They have very recent updates and practical information
  • for clinical practice. All forums should disseminate this information to all members.
  • Centers who wish to give training to Doctors should contact Dr. Sharda Jain/ Dr. Sangeeta Gupta for ultrasound Training/ IVF & infertility training for DGF accreditation as a Training Centre.