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*DATE* : 5/09/2018
*Lunch* : 1.30 to 2.30
*Venue* : WOOD APPLE
*SESSION 1 : - * MNT in Pregnancy and PCOS by Mr Himanshu Nigam
CHAIRPERSON  : Dr Raj Bokaria , Dr Rupam Arora , Dr Vandana Gupta
*SESSION 2 :- Felicitation of “TEACHER OF TEACHERS* 
  1. Dr.Sharda Jain 
  2. Dr. Uma Rai
  3. Dr. Amita suneja
  4. Dr. Sushma Ved
  5. Dr. Kiran Agarwal
*SESSION 3 :- 2018 guidelines of PCOD by  Dr Kiran Agarwal (LHMC) 
CHAIRPERSON Dr Jyoti Agarwal , Dr Ila Gupta , Dr Renu chawla
SESSION 4* :- Your attitude determines your altitude
Personal life incidence shared by 13 doctorsLead by Dr Sharda Jain