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Introductory Course in IVF ICSI
on 1st 13th December 2014
Doctors who Attended
Certificate Course of
Introductory Course in IVF ICSI & Embryology
DR. SURABHI AGARWAL Vasundhara Ghaziabad
Loved Extensive hand on experience in handling analysis and preparation of semen samples, great practical exposure to ultrasound monitoring, injections and protocols of IUI , IVF (Long Antagonist) was very stimulating. I too want to take the advanced course of infertility & ultrasound in infertility at Lifecare Centre
DR RASHMI JAIN (M)9810424082 Naveen Shahdara Delhi
It was a new world of infertility & IVF for me& very informative & interactive programme. Great effect by Dr. Sharda Jain & team thanks to all team for exposing to embryology in IVF – ICSI . I have been processing IUI semen sample as , had training of 1 week in 2011
DR. VANDANA JAIN (M) 9911191541 Vasundhara Ghaziabad
Introductory course of Infertility – IVF – ICSI was so informative , intense and interactive, that I wish to attend the advanced course at this centre it self at the earliest. Hands on & live exposure to all office procedures & IVF Lab Was great.
DR NEETA MISRA (M) 9810161411 Sukhdev vihar
New Delhi

It was great insight into a vast world of infertility, IUI and IVF – ICSI . It was very extensive and interactive course. frankly sharing of protocols& tips by Dr. Sharda Jain and her team was the USP of this training centre. They were totally transparent & emphasis was to expose us maximum with all office procedure & practical expose of IVF lab