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This mission was started to address INDIA' challenge of deforestation, climate change ,growing pollution in cities in India. This was started under the leadership of Mrs. Raj Sharma one of the vice President of WOW INDIA ,who is well know Environmentalist .

The idea was that this effort may be like drop in OCEAN in protecting & restoring the diminishing forest cover & making health professionals & public to plant 5 -10 trees yearly. They can do it during Rainy season ,on their Birthday & birthday of their near & dear ones.

Since 7 year we do not give Cut Flowers to falicilitate any body in DGF or WOW INDIA meetings. This has spread like wild fire in other professional bodies of GYNAECOLOGISTS.

During Rainy season,we go for PLANTATION DRIVE TO CITY FORESTS in GAZIABAD in large numbers & even celebrate TEEZ festival there. It is like great fun Activity.

In 2018, we started adoption of "MY GREEN ANGELS" by volunteer of

4 - 5 indoor plants with as advocated by NASA to purify Indoor air of house.It in much better way their costly Air Purifier available.. This activity has many takers & cought on the fancy of young & old alike.

AWARDS were also instituted to Promote these activities:-

  • Women of year Award - Mrs. Raj Sharma
  • APJ Abdul Kalam's Excellence Award - Mrs. Raj Sharma
  • Ambassadors of Green India Mission -
    1. Dr. Urmila Sharma
    2. Dr. Sharda Jain
    3. Dr. Rashmi Jain
    4. Dr. Mamta Thakur
    5. Dr. Seema Gupta
    6. Dr. Purnima Sharma
    7. Mrs. Bannu Bansal
    8. Mrs. Raj Sharma

APPRECIATION AWARD were given to 170 volunteers on 17/8/2018