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Car Rally on Cervical Cancer Prevention Awareness 2017

Doctors of East Delhi Recently participated in Car rally organised by the Delhi Gynaecologist Forum to spread Awareness about Free Vaccination for Girls 11 – 13 years by Delhi Govt.

Cervical Cancer or cancer of the mouth of uterus is the most common cancer affecting Indian women. According to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, Every year , around 5 lakh new cases are diagnosed & over 2,5 lakh women die of cervical cancer. Unfortunately every third women is an Indian.

In spite of the fact that cervical cancer is highly preventable almost 100%, every day 350 Indian women die of the disease.

Cervical Cancer is caused by Human papilloma Virus (HPV) infection through skin contact during sexual activity & women in the age group of 25 -60 years are at the highest risk .

While many developed countries have drastically reduced cervical cancer cases by vaccination & regular screening & treatment of precancerous lesions, Indian still lacks a national programme for cervical cancer prevention.

Two doses of cervical cancer vaccine, given over a period of six months to adolescent girls (9-14 years)&3rd doses to women in the age group of 15 – 45 years , is a very effective method of preventing HPV infection , and thus cervical cancer.

with persuasion of Delhi Gynaecologist Forum Delhi Govt. is giving free vaccination for girls of 11 – 13 years by Delhi State cancer Institute G.T.B. Hospital Gate No. 8 Please take ID proof. It is also given at Janakpuri.

The Delhi Gynaecologist Forum has taken the initiative to rid the society from this menace by creating awareness about vaccination & yearly check-up in married women too.

The car rally was organised to spread awareness about cervical cancer prevention,A convoy of 50 cars &E. RIKSHA decorated in blue caught the attention of East Delhi residents. The rally was joined by around 200 doctors.

Dr.Sharda Jain flagged off the rally from IMA EDB Bhawan after passing through the krishna Nagar, Bhola Nath Nagar ,Vishwas Nagar, Yamuna Sports complex & ESI Hospital, Yojna Vihar the rally terminated at IMA EDB Bhawan , Dr Sharda Jain , Secretary - Sec General of Delhi Gynaecologist Forum educated the public about cervical cancer vaccination & regular screening to eradicate this disease from the country.

DR. Rupam Arora Dr.Jyoti Agarwal, Dr.Ila Gupta , Dr.Manju Barik, Dr.Vandana Gupta, Dr.Abha Arora, Dr.ShamaBatraetc. also briefed about HPV vaccination & See & treat programme to prevent cervical cancer .