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Meeting List of North  Delhi 
Cultural activities: Holi& Diwali
Spiritual activities: 2
Total Members: 52
New members added : 20
1.1ST MARCH 2016
a. CKD in pregnancy
b. Zika virus
c. Golden questions ,golden answers
2. 21st march 2016
a. Talk on happiness
b. Male infertility
3. 12th April 2016
a. GDM:screening,diagnosis& management
b. Dinogest
4. 22nd April 2016
a. Stress Incontinence
b. Recurrent Pregnancy loss
5. 24th may 2016
a. Follicular study
b. Current management of AUB
c. Progesterones in early pregnancy
6. 21st June 2016
a. "Micronutrients in infertility "
"b.Medical and Surgical management of overactive bladder
7. 12th july 2016
a. CTG basics
b. Interpretation of CTG
c. Interesting Cases on CTG
8. 21st July 2016
a. Male factor infertility:what is new
b. Prenatal screening
9. 11th August , 2016
a. "New molecule in treatment of Endometriosis: help or harm"
b. Medico legal aspects of IUI"
c. Risks of ART"
10. 16th September 2016
"a. Atosiban: Uterospecific oxytocin receptor antagonist"
"b. vitamin D in pregnancy: current concepts"
11. 30th September,2016,
"Ovarian malignancies in Adolescents -diagnosis and management.
12. 21st october 2016
a. Male factor Infertility
b. cultural program for Diwali
13. 27 Th December 2016
a. "Vaginal discharge"
b. "Non malignant lesions of vulva"
c. Paneldiscussion:case scenarios
"Vulval and vaginal disorders in gynaecology "