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We are not just “Doctors” or GYNAECOLOGISTS. We are *HEALERS* .
We are *ANGLES* – who believe in Total care of Women & Self.
But the times are changing , expectations of our patients are touching the sky.
Infact medical advancements are far too many, putting excessive demands on we doctors. 
Almost 50% litigations are against gynaecologists & 98% of them have No Merit when the final verdict comes  
  • D.G.F main focus
  • To impart knowledge *give new skills
  • Give private practitioners identify as office bearers of forum of DGF so whole country knows them
  • GROWTH OF D.G.F &Recognition.*
We have already entered   2020 with completely changed scenario.
Our presence is now in every part of Delhi &our strength has crossed 2500 mark . We are running 8 forums ie.
East,  West,  North,  South,  Central,  South  West,  North West,  Outer Delhi.
Office bearers are very very enthusiastic & bringing laurels to D. G. F. 
Delhi gynaecologist forum is conducting many *TRAINING COURSES* for gynaecologists ;all are rated at the Top in the country .
We do attract many gynaecologists from neighbouring countries too like AGANISHTAN, BANGLADESH DUBAI AFRICA & NEPAL.
*25*  IVF-INFERTILITY -Embryology--Andrology courses 
*43* Colposcopy training 
*23* Ultrasound training 
We sincerely appreciate all the efforts & thank everyone for the fantastic co-operation. *Proud to have our sister organization WOW INDIA*.
 Together we have been doing regularly functions on *2nd January ; 8 march ;16thAugust ; 5th September &mothers Day* .
we look forward to your future contributions in taking these two organizations D.G.F. & WOW INDIA to further heights.
Video of "National Anthem (जनगणमन ) By Delhi Gynaecologist Forum is latest feather in our cap