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Common Health Programme
Team work speaks!!! 
What WomenNeed !!
The first forum was ours, created in 2001. DGF East has harnessed 9 years of rich experience to develop better and better academic activities and expand its community activities through its sister organization
WOW India. So many activities are only possible due to joint efforts of its member WOW India volunteer’s, & encouragement by public and opinion makers.
Team work is the key to build any organization. We are committed to team harmony and service before self… that brings absolutely the best of all of us.

On 20th August we organised a mega event in PSK i.e. Public programmes on women health combined with cultural evening with the theme “Feel High”. It was attended by over 500 doctors and WOW India Voulunteer’s. All invited dignitaries wer present.
For the first time we institutedExcellence Awards.
DGF/ WOW India Awards-2010
Woman of the year Award in HEALTH : Dr Alka Kriplani (AIIMS)
Woman of the year Award SOCIAL WORK : Mrs Beena Jain
Woman of the year Award in MUSIC, ART & DANCE- Mrs. Rani Khanam
Woman of the year Award in MUSIC, ART & DANCE- Mrs.Alka Amin (TV star)
Award Ceremony was GREAT EVENT and enjoyed by every body (see photo gallery) 
We promise Quality ……..
Our Quality comes from putting our Customers First in everything we do.
Our quality was manifested in a CULTURAL show as well.
 A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous full of beauty and forever beautiful loving and caring and truly amazing - Deanna Beisser 

  Daughters are angles sent from above to fill our heart with unending love - J. Lee
Feamle foeticide is one scary truth Recent polls have shown that the number of females is slowly decreasing due to illegal sex determination and selection. Baby girls are aborted, murdered, abandoned, sold and many of them who are sold are employed as servants or pushed into the sex trade.

Most people view a girl child as a 'band investment' - yes, that is so cold blooded - but that's how they think.To them, if they look after a son and bring him up, he will look after them in their old age.But what if there are only boys and no girls left we are already killing this planet and this too will lead to our own extinction by our own hands.

Female foeticide is like cutting the roots of the society. it is no more the scenario that peaple don't know the damaging outcome of this but the priblem is that when it comes to them on taking the right dacision, they get carried away by some of the old thoughts and ideologies like "ladka hi vansh aagey badhayega, ladki nahi"

Now it is on us you and me every human being ti make them understand that from where they'll get daughter-in-laws for their sons if all think and do the same way! balance between male and female ratio should be restored in order to save our country!
15 members of East Delhi Gynecologist Forum presented a skit, “Let Me Live”, which left people wondering where the world is going, by showing this. sad and horrific truth of life.
These doctors on stage also highlighted about Health Agenda in People’s own Language
Health agenda of 
Public Awareness & Action 
  1. Don't ignore Tuberculosis. it is the number one cause of death in women in india.
  2. Suicide is the second cause of death. Don't be serius, be light, learn to relax.
  3. Movment against Anemia (MAA).
  4. Movment against Osteoporosis (MAO).
  5. Safe Delivery (No home delivery),  Safe Abortion (No quacks please)
  6. Knowledge of contraception/emergency contraception to every adolescent girl & married couple.
  7. Life style diseases - Hypertention / Diabetes in women should be controlled.(every 4th women has it).
  8. Women should become conscious about your own Weight / BMI (over 50% women in city are over weight).
  9. Obesession about Yoga & Balanced diet is must for every indian.
  10. Annual check-up for women is Must - screening should include.

    . Pap Smear                   . Mammography 
    . TV Ultrasound              . Dexsa/BMD

  11. Movement for Cevical Cancer Prevention - Vaccination (9-46 years)
    We should give due focus on cancer cervix as it is number one cancer in india
    (40% of all cancers in women in india).
Swasti Shree performed the songs of her recently released album, “FEEL HIGH”, along with her band and the performers/dancers of 102 Show Wiz Acting Studio. The choreography had been done by Swasti and the performers/dancers of 102 Show Wiz Acting Studio.